Monday, 13 March 2017

Mosaic Monday - Irish Roots

My Irishness comes to the fore in March
especially on the 17th March
Saint Patrick's Day.

If you are a regular follower
 by now you will be familiar with my occasional
Irish posts which recognise my Irish roots.

My darling father was an Irish lad who
came to New Zealand with his family for a new and better life.
In 2015 my husband and I spent a wonderful week in Ireland
and I immediately felt a strong connection
with the landscape and the people.
I love their sense of fun
and appreciate
the history that has made the Irish 
who they are today.

Irish Tea Brack is a fruit loaf
and in the Christmas Pudding tradition
various things are wrapped in greaseproof and added to the mixture....
a coin for wealth
a pea for plenty
a button for a bachelor
a thimble for a spinster
makes for an interesting loaf I think!

Guinness Cake and a glass of Guinness anyone?

I have these recipes if you would like them
just mention in your comment or email me!

I'm joining Maggie for
Mosaic Monday
thank you Maggie for hosting.

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt

Shane (an Irish lass)

Monday, 6 March 2017

Mosaic Monday from Paris

Yes more photos from Paris - from my vast collection on the
numerous trips when I've enjoyed time in this beautiful city!
Today my theme is words - either signs or names on buildings.

This group of photos was taken on the Champs Élysées.
I'm sure it is one of the most recognisable boulevards in the world
with the magnificent Arc de Triomphe at one end

Have you promenaded or strolled along the boulevards?
The french call such a person - Le flaneur
which  means the ‘stroller’, ‘‘saunterer’, ‘loafer’.
It is one of my favourite things to do in Paris
whatever the season - strolling and people watching is always fascinating!

I'm linking to
Mosaic Monday
Thank you Maggie for hosting!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you all for popping in to say hello

I know time is precious in the busy nature of our lives today!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

At Home - Five on Friday

I've been under the weather for almost  week.

I caught the dreaded viral flu from one of my work colleagues.
He told us all that it was a viral flu and therefore not contagious - not so.......

I've been in bed most of the time
taking all the potions I could lay my hands on
and sending my dear one out to the chemist for extra supplies
as the need arose!

This is the first day I've felt like getting up and doing anything
Luckily I had all my photos for this post edited and ready to go!

My husband was late planting our vege garden this year.. for various reasons
but we are starting to reap the benefits of his hard work.
I picked 2 beans last week - not much one can do with so few
 except snap-freeze and wait for more to come!
These are Scarlet Runners - still our favourites after 47 years!

The Gardener here insists on growing Beefsteak tomatoes every year,
they are good eating and particularly good for preserving and freezing.
I usually make several batches of Pasatta
to use as a base in Ratatouille, Lasagne and other Autumn/Winter dishes.

However I enjoy the the small cherry tomatoes
sometimes they're called grape or plum tomatoes.
Wonderful for adding to salads.
My Gardener planted one plant but sadly
it was the only tomato plant that curled up it's toes - wouldn't you know it!!!!

I'm joining Amy for Five on Friday
thank you for bringing us all together Amy!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you all for popping in to say hello
I know time is precious in the business of our lives!


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